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Therea sp. lifespan


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I don't know for sure but I have the impression that they do it only for a few months...

I have well over a hundred nymphs of any instar of T. olegrandjeani but strangely I only have very few adults meaning that they can't live that long.

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I have maybe a thousand nymphs, but the adults comeinto a swarm of a few hundred or more, then within a few to several months they have all died off but a few, and then a few months later the cycle starts over. I have not really paid too much attention to it, but I get the impression they go several months as nymphs and then as much or less as adults, with the whole life cycle being a year and a half, maybe somewhat more. Definately far from the lifespan of say a hisser of some type (2 years maybe 3).

Personally if I had to repeat any of this thread anywhere else I would go with Orins post.

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