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Blaberus giganteus Adult Deaths

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I remember seeing this sort of thing addressed before, but I can't remember a conclusive answer. I have 6 Blaberus species and all are doing well, except the giganteus. I started with 15 nymphs back in January and everything has seemed fine. The first few started maturing a few months ago. About half of them mature and do fine. The other half, molt into maturity and promptly die. The are perfectly formed, good size and seem perfect in every way, but dead. I have lots of vertical surface for them to molt out on and their wings look pristine, but I keep finding them dead, with their last sub-adult exoskeleton sitting somewhere nearby. There are just a handful of small nymphs running around in there, so at least one male and one female have survived and bred. The nymphs look to be second or third instar now, by my estimation.

Ambient humidity is 50-60%. In their tub its 75-85%. Temp is 80-85 all the time. They are in an 18 gallon tub with two 3x6" vent holes on opposing ends of the tub. About 3" of substrate, damp in the front corner, dry in the back. They have dog kibble, fruit and water crystals available all the time.

Any ideas?

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I've been trying to find the cause of this but to no avail. It may have something to do with humidity, maybe diet, who knows. As long as you're getting plenty of babies I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I've only seen about 3 or 4 babies. If there are others they are staying buried. The adults that don't die seem fine. They act normal, the food disappears, etc...

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