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one more animal freak joins the ranks


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Hello all,

I currently keep B. discoidalis, E. posticus, and B. dubia as feeders and 1.1 G. portentosa as pets. I just started this project as food for 1.1 panther chameleon babies I just received. Now thanks to this site, I not only enjoy the roaches, but I am looking for new cool species to mess with. I could use some help I.D.ing a roach I received the other day. I am not 100% on this one. Any input would be awesome. I also have .1 great Dane, Fila Brasilero, 1.1 North Brazilian true red tail boas (constrictor constrictor), sugar gliders, and I propagate corals in two separate reef tanks, one of which houses my newest family addition a brown-banded bamboo shark. Yea I know I'm crazy... pretty sure I will fit right in. lol.

This is my current set up awaiting heat tape and ready to be plugged into a helix unit. top vents, covered food dishes and packing tape sides.


This is the monster crawling on a few adult female dubia and about 25 nymphs running around.


Any thoughts on this one?


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Welcome! :D

You'll fit right in here. :P

Try not to get too hooked on roaches, or so that you might end up like some of us... :lol:

Lol. Welcome! I'd call your mystery a Blaberus too, maybe subadult craniifer or another medium-size species.

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