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Hello everybody, I'm new here and was directed from a friend on both InsectGeeks.com and ScorpionForum.darkbb.com. I have started a colony of Blaptica Dubia's just a month or so ago. I started with 125 mostly juvies and 1 adult pair. But I have a friend who has a colony of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches to supplementally feed his Tegu and he gave me some for free which turned out to be about 75 adults and closer to 200 mixed juvies.

The Dubias are for feeding Tarantula's (1 G. Rosea and 1 B. Smithi) and scorpions (4 H. Spinnifer, 2 V. Spinigerus, 5 H. Trilineatus), and the Hissers I guess are just for fun.

I also have started meal worm farm pretty much just for fun for my 4 year old. He loves to play with them and it is an interesting experience. And while I'm listing them, I have a ball python too.

Recently had some interesting larvae/maggot problems I noticed on a dead hisser, the larvae didn't appear until day 2 of the dead roach being in a jar. This is why I'm hear and will post in a different location if I do not find my answers scouring previous posts. Heard this was a good place and there were many knowledgeable people here so I'm excited to be here.

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