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Hisser-lover from Germany


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Hi everybody,

good to finally find a bunch of people as cockroach-crazy as I am. I came across this forum as I was actively searching for a place where I could share my passion for those lovely animals. It's very hard to find true enthusiasts in my close proximity. Except for my Mom, she goes out there and tells everybody how great hissers are. Reactions greatly vary. Currently, I only have various types of hissers. I am keeping them as pets, not feeders. A couple of days ago, my Tiger Hisser gave birth to around 30 young ones. :)

My current list of hissers:


Princisia vanwearebecki

Tiger hissers

Elliptorhina javanica


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Welcome! Now you just need Aeluropoda insignis and Elliptorhina chopardi.

Do you have photos of your "Princisia"? (I am curious what they look like since there are a number of different forms of this whimsically capricious genus and species.)

Orin, thanks for welcoming me to this forum. Here are some pics of my Princisia van. The female is a lot bigger than the other females I have; also a lot wider and she hisses at any occasion.






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Hi "Miss_Hiss"

What a pleasure to have someone else here speaking nearly Swissgerman :D .

Besides (not that I want you to go elsewhere) there is one active roach-forum in Germany ;) .



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