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color enhancer fish flakes?


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i was wondering,if i fed hissers tetracolor fish flake color enhancer flakes for the first 6months or more of their lives,do you think i would end up with extra colorful adult hissers?also ive read that cockroaches fed algae,end up stunted as far as size.the flakes im feeding have algae.i assume its spirulina but its not specified in the ingredients.it just sais algae meal.

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I too am very interested in this colour enhancing concept. I am personally feeding these to my roaches, along with other things. I use the pellets because they do not get as mouldy or soggy as does the flake foods.

particularlyI am particularly interested in what you said about algae causing stunted growth, as I have never heard about this before. I believe almost all commercial fish foods on the market contain some species of algae and considering commercial fish food, whether flaked or pelleted, forms one of the staple dry foods most used by those keeping roaches, what does this mean for our roaches?

I would love to hear of any other research into this.


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