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Aeluropoda insignis "Giant morph" isolated!


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It appears that's not a 'giant'. This is a normal sized Aeluropoda (within normal size range). You've been jumping to some conclusions in a few posts now and then withouit doing any research to find out if the info is correct first, and this can mislead someone who is new or does not know about a particular species. Fact check then publish, not vice versa.

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Here are some comparison pics:

"Princisia vanwaerebeki 'Big Black'" Male:


Aeluropoda insignis "giant" previously shown:


Both together:


This is the biggest A. insignis I've ever seen; I have another male who's barely 2.5 inches that I thought was a giant, but then I saw this guy and there was no contest.

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Those are fantastic colors! Let's hope you get some good results.

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Here's another titan I just pulled out for studding. He looks different now that he's hardened completely (just look at those colors!) but he has the most notched pronotum I've seen on any roach!

<img src="http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/4350/sdc13961.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

Those colors are awesome!

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