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possible good roach feeder!


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Hi there , have not posted in a while but my B. lateralis colony is growing great!!! i also am working on a new enclosure that contains the 3" PVC pipe idea i saw earlier this year on a post from someone ... but what i mean to post is this .... I recently got into Tarantulas ! and well while browsing around there i sumbled across this ! Roach feeder

dont know if this a double post or not but hope it helps !! take care everyone ill be updating pics of my new enclosure soon

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i have raised chickens in the past and used that feeder. i think it may be a little too elevated for the nymphs to get good access. also seems like a lot of food to keep on hand for roaches unless you have a gigantic colony. perhaps it will work for specific applications just don't think for roaches.

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