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kids and hissers what could be cuter?!


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th_S5034402.jpg My son and my freind's kid . Her mother is terrified of any bug and can not figure out why her daughter loves them even though she tells her how gross they are all the time. I have no idea why she loves them ;). I normally would never go behind a parents back but there is no sense in wanting a child to have a stupid fear. The rest are of my son and his hisser "handsome mouse " they are inseperable.



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Very cute. :) My 5 year old daughter seems to have been born loving inverts of all kinds. It is a mystery to me why some people are disgusted with bugs, and some love them at first sight. I have always loved nature, but never really started getting into bugs until her interest in them caused me to do some research. Now I have some new favorites. :D The more I learn about them, the more fascinated I become. I have never seen a hisser in person, and even though they seem to be the common beginner's roach, I think that they look and sound like some of the most awesome pets. Unfortunately, in my location they are hard to come by. :(

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