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I'm still trying to get mine started as well - I've had some newborns over the past week from one of my females which was pretty exciting = )

I've actually been told that although they 'may' have a slightly higher protein deman than some other species, the key is actually moisture. I've read from several keepers that having a constant source of moisture is the key to production and preventing as much wing biting...lol

I keep mine on no substrate - and feed a mix of veggies a few times a week with water crystals available at all times to keep a constant supply of moisture. My dry feed is a ground mix of chick starter and fish food and I throw some whole dog and cat kibble in in case they opt to munch on that.

I've noticed their a little shy compared to, say B. dubia. It would probably be best to leave them alone as much as possible and keep them warm and dark for best results. Their one of my species where, despite being in an opaque bin, I can hear scatter quick loudly once the lights come on. Be patient, give them ample food and drink, and they'll do their thing if you leave them be = )

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Mine just had their first babies recently and I've had the 8ish group for over 3 months. Maybe not as fast as I'd like but certainly very cool to have. I keep them on coco fiber and room temp. Which is likely why they breed so slow lol. I got some new blood for the colony recently and saw an adult male emerge to join in. The other sub adults are female so that will boost my numbers soon enough.

Btw Kyle my first "ivory" molted into adulthood yesterday, they are very cool looking, very excited about that.

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