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A. gigas questions

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I've been interested in millipedes for awhile now, I have some questions about them though.

A. gigas, beginners species? If not what is a better species to begin with? I was thinking about ordering a pair from bugs in cyber space. They listed them at 5-6in, are they mature at that size, and can they be sexed at that size?

I have a empty screened 10g tank right now, is this a proper size for them, or should I get a larger home for them.

Is 75-80 degrees proper temps for them? How deep of substrate should I give them? Would a mix of coco fiber oak leaves be suitable for them?

Every care sheet I've found tends to say different thing about there longevity and size, can anyone fill me in on those two?

Thanks, Nick

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They are a hardy species, usually the only difficult part is getting them to reproduce. Captive bred specimens are often mostly females and they won't breed if you can't locate a male. They are usually 7-9" at maturity but at least one has exceeded 13". Net caresheets are usually based on hearsay.

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