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Pycnoscelus surinamensis final molt.


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Excellent pic! :)

I almost never see my Pycnoscelus surinamensis molt; Either they get eaten up by their hungry family in the substrate or they get buried under a dogpile (roachpile? :P) when I throw in food. I still can't figure out how they manage to sustain their numbers... lol

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I have witnessed at least 4 molts from this species, always in the daytime. It is amazing to me how they bury themselves in the soil and still come out with perfect wings. :o

I have also never seen them eat on eachother, I do get an occasional unexplained death.
I am assuming that I need a little more ventilation for them. I have been poking holes like crazy.

Now, my new plan is to hot glue some heavy, but breathable cloth, to their lid. I keep these roaches in some of the soil that I find them in, also I added some cellulose fiber substrate, and I like to add some of the plants that I find them near, in addition to the food that I give them.

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I have seen a few more freshly molted roaches this week.

I just checked on my colony and saw yet another freshly molted roach and a few white L1 babies!

I just love it when I see molting or freshly molted roaches and new white babies. :wub:


Oh and nice pic.

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