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Suppose i could intro myself

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I had a few Ts and a snake when i was young. When i hit my early teens i got drunk and pretty much stayed that way till i was 24. around the time i was getting sober a friend sold me a corn snake and i started spending my booze money on pets. Of coarse the collection grew, so i started the breed dubias and orangeheads for my leopard geckos. Geckos wern' t very interested in the roach babys so i stopped breeding roachs. After a little while i realized i actually missed my roaches. Now you can see what i keep/ breed in my signature i consider everything a pet and feeder, ill even feed my leopards to my mangroves if thay are being picky.

Ive gotten several roaches from zepher and a few books from peter from bugsincyberspace.com and both have been a pleasure. I hope to have some stuff for trade in a while as well. Im alway looking for science books on roaches so any recomendations are welcome.


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