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Facebook Roach Club ( For Florida Species )


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I just started a Facebook group called ' Florida Roach Club'. The roach hobby is almost non-existing in this state due to regulations, and mostly lack of knowledge from pet owners and pet suppliers.

Anybody interested in any of the 38+ Species that occur in Fl feel free to Join. I'll be uploading pictures soon, Roaches for sale within the State, Etc.

Here's a link to the group or you can look it up under ' Florida Roach Club'


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I don't live in Florida, but I requested to join the group anyway. I'm interested in at least learning about the species there and laws pertaining to them.

You are most welcome to join :)

We have been uploading pictures and descriptions to the roaches that occur here in Florida. ( Many that can also be found in the roach trade or other states )

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