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Roach stream side Nor Cal.?

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Any ideas? These roaches live under rocks by mountain streams around Trinity county. Unfortunately the specimens died had found 2 but they shriveled during transport was 100+degrees and dry. They needed to be in a cooler which my wonderful dogs decided to break. Going to find more and try again with the correct equipment. They aren't suitable for pictures :angry:. Also spent a week blasting lights late deep in Shasta county only one roach, it was a male Parcoblatta. The Parcoblatta out of Shasta have a bright maroon color, almost went in the kill jar it looked like a Longhorn beetle. Working on finding a starter culture of the Parcoblatta a dangerous job usually find more rattlesnakes then roaches. Had been looking for roaches kneeled down to search some decaying wood as I put my hand down sure enough the was a Pacific rattler 3'' from my hand not rattling. Scared the crap outta me but that snake sure did taste good fed 3 people. One last note my W/C Parcoblatta zebra have bred. Very happy to get that culture going!! Happy roaching!! Ian

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Not sure I'm perfectly following your question/story, but I'm liking it. I wonder if your roach is Parcoblatta americana. I've got a starter colony of these and expect to collect more in the next month or two.

Yes I believe the male was a Parcoblatta americana. Well the beginning part of the post was inquiring about what species other than Parcoblatta are found here in Nor Cal. These stream side roaches were completely different then anything I had ever seen before. Was hoping for a lead. Got a friend searching for more makes things hard with no pics etc. They make their home among rocks along the stream. Good luck with your culture Parcoblatta are some of my favorites colorful and fast. BTW I know its a shot in the dark without a sample specimen.

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