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Possible new blaberus species in USA

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Good morining everyone.

After a long and exciting disscusion on FB about this blaberus I feel I should post this find on here.

At first I thought this was a regular discoid roach. I caught them locally I started with 7. they have been with me for 6 years and I never thought anything of them other than that they are pretty.

I decided to post some pictures of the strange colored females since I thought they were cool.

well I never thought they could be a new species of roach never introduced in the US or European hobby.

I am flabergasted and just so stunned. Please enjoy the pictures of the possible Blaberus anisitsi.



PS. if this does not not turn out to be a cool new species then damn do I feel stupid. hahaha

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Their pattern looks like the approach of an airport runway. A series of light stripe on each side with a big arrow pointing towards the runway. Maybe we should call it runway roach?! :lol:

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Good to see the roach community has now been properly informed! :P

These do appear to be Blaberus anisitsi. The males are small and discoid-like and the females are larger with broader pronotum patterns. Although dissection and observation of stock consistency will be necessary to ensure that these are B. anisitsi, from the photos I have seen of them these definitely show a strong resemblance.

Definitely an excellent find and contribution to the roach hobby. :D

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