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My Male A tesselata!


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I just took this of 4 of my 6 mature Peppered. I like the varied patterns. The dark winged one is still my favorite, and he is very calm too. :) Maybe because I play with him the most.


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You got some very nice roaches! For some reasons, my peppered roach adults burrow all the time, only the nymphs are out hanging on barks and twigs, otherwise I would've took some pics to share as well.

for my heat source for them, I use a heated mat that is taped to the back of the tank. Perhaps that is why they are out more often if your heat source is on the bottom of the enclosure. Just a thought, I don't know how you have yours set up.

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This one on the bottom of the photo has a very light head compared to the others, and the wings are almost blacked out. Much different then all the others that have matured so far. I think he is very pretty!

Cindy, what surface are the roaches climbing on in the picture in post#8?

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