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What do I have?


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4 females from my "Discoid" colony.

I purchased 13 "Discoids" from a local exotics shop in January. If I remember correctly, 4 of them were adults at that time.

The 4 adults that I had to begin with had the same basic colors. I assumed that they were mutts(discoidalis/bolivensis?) because one of the females pronotum markings went out more "east and west" than the others. When I found the large black craniifer-like female, less than a week ago, I became really confused. :blink: I knew that at least 1 of the nymphs looked different. :rolleyes: EastyWesty is also in the photo, on the very bottom center.

The large black one does not have the full "Deaths head" marking on her protonum, maybe only the smile part, without the eyes and nose? I was thinking of separating her from the others and getting a male, only if she is pure. Does she look pure? Is it possible that she can mate with the "Discoid" males?

I will not be selling or giving away any of these roaches. They are strictly pets and the occasional feeders. ;)

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:rolleyes: Lucky me!

I have 2 subadult or subsub females from January. Is there a way. (that can be described with text) to tell which hybrid the nymphs are?

I feel bad that my fusca x craniifer may not be able to mate, though. :( I think she is a beautiful mutt and I love the spots on the ventral part of her abdomen. :wub:

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