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My first adult B. Giganteus


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I got them about 3 weeks ago, was regretting since I never see them, I have to dig to find out whether they're still alive! But today, everything feel worthwhile when I saw my first adult, he was molted perfectly, beautifully gigantic, still skittish as hell, took me a few mins of chasing around to catch him, and jumped off my hand a few time while I handling him.

Special thanks to everyone here, I found a wealth of information here, otherwise, it wouldn't be possible for me to set up everything right for them.

I am still more interested in Peppered Roach though, I like roaches that I can pick up and handle more often. If I get a bunch of those, according to what I have read here, I can mix them with these giants, right?

Anyway, here is a few pics of him.


IMG_0662 by macbrush, on Flickr


IMG_0660 by macbrush, on Flickr

Today, I also found this beautiful freshly molted orange head, rarely seen any roach so shiningly beautiful, and cute!


IMG_0649 by macbrush, on Flickr

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Oh isn't he a handsome one! How exciting! I understand about never seeing the Giganteus! lol.. I am waiting for mine too mature also. It truly is exciting isn't it when you look in there and see them all big and beautiful for the first time! Like how I felt with my Peppered.

Your Orangie is very pretty! I don't have any of those, but would like to get some!


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This is the forth adult I have, funny thing is that I have 5 molting platforms for them, but every single one of them so far molted into adult on this particular one, and when they're adults, they naturally hide on the other 2 more hidden barks. I often found other nymphs molting between instars on that platform as well, if not on the substrate. Well.. maybe they know it is easiest for me to photograph them on that particular piece of cork tile. :D


IMG_0728 by macbrush, on Flickr


IMG_0729 by macbrush, on Flickr

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