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Fun to watch, easy to keep, as big as a roach: Triops!

Matt K

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Here are a few photos of some of mine that are still juvies:






And lastly, here is one doing some swimming / acrobatics in the bin and bumped into the gravel when I took the photo:


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vary cool how long do thay live?

They live 20 to 60 days, reaching full grown size in a 10 day or so period. This species is both male and female, but other species are heterosexual. They reproduce in fair numbers, cannibalize one another (unless REALLY well fed) until you have a half-dozen or so, and the process starts all over. You can also put the culture on "hold", by draining the tank and let the sand dry out in the bottom. Eggs remain in stasis for years or until they get wet again. Eggs hatch in 18-30 hours and they start all over again. Easy to keep them for an eternity. Mine are warm temp species T. longicaudatus, but you can get a larger species that does well at room temp Triops cancriformis.

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Oh these guys are fun. :D I had them a few years ago, perfect little crustaceans except that mine decided to cannibalize each other down to only a few adults! Rrreeeaally well fed...

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I love these critters. I kept them through a few cycles a while back, and still have the egg-saturated sand packed away somewhere around here. This makes me want to dig it up and start the colony up again. I love how when you don't have time for them anymore, you can just pack them away for a while. haha

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