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Elliptorhina chopardi eating another roach's shed exoskeleton

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Just saw a Elliptorhina chopardi molting, then after he's somewhat harden up enough to move around, he started eating an shed exoskeleton left there by another roach a few days ago. I read somewhere they would only eat their own shell, seems that although they're just programmed to eat a shed shell after molting, but probably doesn't care whose shell they're eating.

Right after he molted, note his position, and there is another empty shell on the right side.


IMG_0764 by macbrush, on Flickr

Now he's eating the shed skin on the right hand side instead of his own.


IMG_0769 by macbrush, on Flickr

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That's interesting, I guess that might vary from species to species? Since I have never seen any of mine eating any exuviae (arh, learnt a new word! thanks!) unless they were freshly molted.

I've noticed with my E. opaca they will eat another roaches exuviae. I watched a very freshly molted opaca wander away and the others swarmed in.

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