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Temperature okay?


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I have decided to heat the room where my roaches are being kept (vs. each individual container). I have some wall panels doing the job, but they seem to max out with the room being between 80-82 degrees F. Humiditiy is augmented by a humidifier which can get the room to as high as 70% but usually keeps it at about 60%. Dubia, Discoids and Turks are kept in the room. Is this temperature range and humidity range adequate for constant breeding and/or molting?

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I also keep the room at a constant temperature, 24C - 28C, but I discovered that by varying the ventilation, and humidity inside the bin, as well as some creativity, can have a large effect on temperature inside. For example, I keep my hissers and peppered roaches bins with very limited ventilation and substrate is always damped, their bins are actually hotter than room temperature by 2 - 3C, on the other hand, I have the giant cave roach's bin only partially damped, about 1/4 of substrate is being kept wet constantly, other part almost bone dry, and large holes for very effective ventilation, their bin is 1 - 2C below room temperature. For Giant Burrowing Roaches, I have the sprayer set up outside to keep a towel wrapped outside of their bin wet, and evaporative cooling can keep their bin at an amazing 18C - 22C.

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