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Caught rhino roach molting on camera


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While I was doing maintenance, one of the smaller nymphs suddenly ran out from the pack, they (those not burrowed at the time) usually stay together at the far corner when I do clean up, and started molting right there. I guess he had been holding it until very last moment since I was disturbing them. It is fascinating how their abdomen change shape from a bloated rugby shape to a wider flat fan like shape within an hour after molting.




His shape already changed to more adult like within half an hour


And then after 2 days, while I was thinning out the substrate, and refreshing plant materials in their cage, I dug out another freshly molted one. The substrate is so thin that it cannot support tunneling of any kind, so obviously he molted while burrowed, that easy my mind a lot since I was worrying that any kind of pressure on them while molting would result in deformity, now that I know they really aren't that fragile.


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