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Hisser id


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Hi everyone, was recommended to come on here from the reptile forums to get a definitve id in my hisser group.

I think they are G.oblongonota but some as you can see from the pics have white sides and bands going across which is concerning me they are a hybrids or are 2 different species and could hybridise (not started breeding yet).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

P.s. the tub they are in is not what they are kept in that's just for the pics.


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Hi, thank you for the comments they are still nymphs (how do I know when they are mature?) I think so from what your saying there could be some slight variation. I have read somewhere that the white bands can mean a shed is close to happening. Is this true? They have had the bands for quite a while but recently most of them have lost those bands you can see in the pic i have never seen any old skins in the tank but i know they have shed as theyve grown. Sorry might be asking dumb questions but I gotta learn! :-)

Thanks in advance

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I will try and answer, and hopefully someone will jump in that knows for sure... mine all did that also, had the white bands, and it seemed like they had them a long time. Then they shed.

I like to spray them a little more when I see they are starting the molt. I think it helps them. As far as the missing skeletons, I don't know.. perhaps they are eating them? I know some do this, not so sure about these tho. The get fairly big... I have some P Vans that are 3 months old now that I have raised, and I keep thinking they look like adults, and then they molt again!

I know this is not much help, as I am just learning also. This is just what I have had happen to me.. hope it helps a little! :) And No question is a dumb question when you are starting out.. we all start out and need help!! This is a nice forum for that, people seem to enjoy helping us new-bees! lol...

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