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turkistan roach ooths!


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Hi, does anyone know the ideal temps and humidity for turkistan roach ooths pls. Ive had trouble hatching these before so im having another go. At the moment they are around 78-80f and humidity around 70%. Any help would be appreciated many thanks!

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I can't tell you ideal temps or anything, but I can tell you that I ignore mine for the most part and they breed ridiculously fast. Maybe you're bugging them too much? Mine are just at room temp, and I feed them once a week.

The ones that run around my backyard have a super dry climate and temps from 40-115. There's tooooons. My point is, they're pretty tough.

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I agreed with Katie as well. I just leave mine alone, and they breed like weed. I never pay attention to their capsules, I just leave them in the same container as the adults, I even throw food and water directly on the capsules due to limited open space, and when its time, they just hatch anyway.

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