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Would 200+ Dermestid Beetles Fit in a 5.5gal Tank?

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I'm going into Taxidermy and I'm starting my first ravenous colony of taxidermist grade dermestid beetles this summer. The adult Dermestid Beetle gets to be almost 1/3 of an inch long. Would 200+ Dermestid Beetles fit in a 5.5gal tank?

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Yes,easily. What about the Dermestes lardarius from bugsincyberspace.com? Price per critter is probably a far higher but it's a much prettier species.

How about 500+?

That was my first inclination as I've ordered all my insects from Peter. He's been very accommodating and I appreciate his degree of communication. I contacted him about the larder beetles that bugsincyberspace is currently selling, but he said, "I don't think they are as ravenous as some other dermestids possibly on the market. You might explore around for the ones you're probably really looking for." I found pretty good deal for what I'm getting on ebay from hobby taxidermists.

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