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CAn dubia roaches eat raw dog food?


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I think they all can eat raw dog food, but whether they would eat depends on species. Most of my hissers are picky eaters, while I truly believe my Giant Gave roaches will eat my hand if I leave it there long enough. My dubia would pretty much eat anything I throw at them.

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I keep reading Blaberus need protein but what kind of protein? From where? If I'm not using dog/cat food, what am I using? I can't imagine they'd eat nuts. Mine eat mostly romaine lettuce, apples, bananas, baby carrots.

They'll eat a lot of protein sources, I typically use tropical fish food for my giganteus (because I spoil them), but you can also use just about any meat you have handy. Just try different stuff and see what they like best. (However, keep in mind meat products mold a whole lot faster than vegetable/fruit matter, so keep an eye on it if it stays in too long).

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I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd add a little to it. I just tested a batch of dehydrated raw dog food with my dubia roaches last week, and they LOVED it!!! I had picked up a small sample bag at the natural health food store where I used to work (there's nothing in it a human wouldn't eat)... I forget the brand, as our local store sells a few different types... but I'm pretty sure any brand of natural raw food would work. It's dehydrated, so for my dogs, I have to wet the food. For the roaches, dry works perfectly. I didn't even have to grind it - big one to two inch chucks were devoured in less than 48 hours. Because the food is dry, there's no need to worry about mold.

I grew up in the city, and I've seen roaches gorging on fast food waste on the side of the road - so I figured raw dog food? Why not!

This stuff can be a bit expensive... but if alternated with other sources of food, it should provide to be a good investment ;)

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