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Hi All: I am Ken Miklosko, some of you may remember me as roachfreak101 from Roachdomain.com

I have known Orin (the moderator) for i think 5 years, even though it seems longer.

I consider him to be one of my best friends.

He first introduced me to roaches, not to mention a host of other bugs.

When i put up my website, he was there when i needed him, making sure i had correct spelling, names etc etc.

Orin is trying to talk me into putting up my website again.

I took it down, because i was going thru some tough personal times.

But now things are better and i am really considering it.

I am pleased to be a part of this forum, anything to propel the hobby.

I'm all in!!!


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Hey Ken- Wow, it's been a long time. I don't know if you remember me but this is Graham- I used to sell online as Strange Cargo Inverts. I bought and traded with you multiple times. I too left the hobby for a bit (career change) but am back into it...this time just working with the species I love... Rare roaches and true spiders (Macrothele). When I began rebuilding my roach colonies I looked for your site. Between you, Orin, James & the Roachman, I was able to get almost every species availiable in the hobby! Glad to see you here, along with everyone else.

Your friend,

Graham Criglow

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Hi Graham: Of course i remember you!

I remember mostly i used to get centipedes from you a few times.

I think i may have even gotten a scorp or two.

Ever since i took down RoachDomain, i was always around, just not posting anywhere.

It was a tough time in my life then, My mother had passed away, then my favorite Aunt.

I am glad to see you here, kinda like "the gangs all here" LOL.

Ken a.k.a. RoachFreak101

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