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Scientific name for horseshoe crab roach

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There is a paper by Louis Roth showing the difference between those two and several other Hemiblabera sp. In Europe they are called "brunneri" but if you look at the paper H. brunneri has a shiny black pronotum with a line of white running the entire anterior margin. Even if the species currently in culture isn't H. tenebricosa (which, it definitely resembles the male in the paper that is thought to be tenebricosa, particularly the elytra) it certainly isn't brunneri.

Here's the paper:


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That means H. brunneri and H. tenebricosa in the hobby are the same species. But they are not either H. brunneri nor H. tenebricosa?

They are most likely H. tenebricosa. I believe Orin from our forum did a dissection and determined the ID.

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