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What is your favorite species and why. . .?


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Yup, new to the hobby - so time to post a zillion questions in ONE day! :)

I've chosen my first roach (Thera olegrandjeani) mostly based on their shape and color. Now I'm on the hunt for a second and possibly third species. . .

What is your favorite species and why? -

Fast breeders, slow breeders, climbing, non-climbing, life-span, ease of care, day-active, burrowing, non-burrowing, egg laying, live-bearing, etc!

Is it because they are calm when you handle them?

Do they have interesting behaviors to observe & what are they?

What was the main reason you chose to take on the species you have?

Thanks, everyone! :)

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Periplaneta americana, they are the quintessential cockroach, the icon known around the world. On top of their overall known appearance they are also very intelligent for a cockroach and follows patterns regarding danger, sex, and food. They are easy to care for, rather prolific, long lived for a medium roach, and very fun to watch. They lay ootheca so population control is a snap and they are much easier to contain than one may think.

A drawback is their roachy odor and their need for a damp/very high humidity container. Otherwise they are one of the easiest to care for, even when grossly neglected.

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Hi vfox,

Thanks for posting your favorite roach! I went to your website and thoroughly enjoyed your videos. I like the Periplaneta americana's too, but am not ready to take them on quite yet! There's an insect "zoo" up in Westminster, CO (Butterfly Pavillion) that has a huge display of these guys. I'm hoping to get up there soon to have a look. If I can get some good photos of their colony - I'll post them on the Forum!

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