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Update pet roach info/book


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I have the old allpet roach book and saw the site front with some pet roach species. Although it gives basic info, I think everything should be started over with detailed info and more photos. I recall size, guessed lifespan, diet, and whether they climb or not given, but more information about breeding, detailed diet, temperature, behavior, color variation, and natural history should be added as well as full color photos of each nymph stage to adult, hardly any sites even have that and it would make a very good addition. New species have since been made into pets and more myths debunked too, so thus why updated info is really needed. It may take a long time but I think it would be worth it and the book would be very thick, not many places give info on pet roaches do the few available need to really give the best information possible.

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A large, color version was never possible in the past because the printing wasn't feasible but now that it is possible through a different technology the problem is the roach book just doesn't sell. It certainly would be neat and there is a very slight chance one might come out in a few years.

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