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Drymaplaneta semivitta at night

Matt K

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Its late at night. I like to look at my critters during thier "awake" time and see what they are doing. Thought I would share.

Males were all being elusive to the camera but these females stopped to pose for me:






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Suprisingly slow moving, and a little delicate. Humidity needs to stay high. Oootheca get plastered with substrate or other scraped up debris, so it can be difficult to tell how many you have. Nymphs are rediculously small (like Gyna sp., maybe even smaller!), but they do not travel through 250 micron brass mesh. (Normal screen door mesh is about 1150 microns for reference). They have a strong preference for eating stonefruits (plums, peaches, etc). Excellent climbers but can't or don't run very fast. Tend to be a little curious too. Rest during the day and roam a bit at night.

Aside from being slightly picky and needing regular misting, not too difficult. Also, ventilation is CRITICAL. Give them a stuffy cage and they drop like...flies. Almost forgot to mention that. Mine have been suddenly laying alot more ootheca lately, so this spring may be interesting. I like them alot.

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Wow, they sound pretty challenging. I am gone for 2 weeks at a time for work so my colonies have to survive without any attention during this time. I usually get away with it because I keep a deep substrate (coc fibre, rotten wood & leaves).... It'll be moist at the bottom and drier towards the surface. They probably wouldn't do that well for me... Glad you are having good success with them... Keep up the great work.

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