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Can a egg crate be coatted ?


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Everybody knows that roaches love egg crates but they must be changed from time to time.

Can a egg crate be somehow coatted with something so I can clean it with water ?

Like melting plastic with a heat gun that when solidified would adapt to the shape of the egg crate ?

Or melting a plastic with acetone over the egg crate ?

Or painting the egg crate with several layers of varnish ink ?

Any other sugestions ?

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I am think on puting mouldable thermoplastic (a plastic that is mouldable during a few minutes after being on hot water) over the egg crate.

Sanding the plastic would make it easy to make roaches climb.


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I'd think anything you use would have chems in it that are horrible for the roaches. Though roaches are pretty resilient ! There is a swap close to my house....a vendor sells the egg crates cheap as hell I am so lucky.

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