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My drunk roaches arrived

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last weekend I sent Kyle some money for roaches while I was wasted lol! I forgot to send him shipping...hell I didn't even tell him I wanted pairs. We sorted that all out the next day when I realized what went down MUWAHAHA.

G. grandidieri (black)

- so handsome, jet black! crazy looking at my tigers compared to these guys.

H. tenebricosaso

- these guys didn't like sitting on my stoop lol. I think they are going to make it though. I hope so.

B. rothi

- I can't wait til' they get HUGE <3

eeeeep so happy with my drunk roaches!

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The H. tenebricosaso didn't make it , One is still kind of fidgiting lol. I will have to order more when the climate is a bit better,

I'm sorry to hear, too, Briene. Just a reminder if you're not sure of any part of their care, our member Kyle Zepher at roachcrossing.com should be able to help. I'm sure you try your best, but we all overlook things. Plus with all the different kinds, it can be overwhelming to know what to do since needs very.

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