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Know your Hisser


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While Bernhart is a great breeder and supply extraordinary roaches, I think some of his species (especially hissers and Blaberus, as usual... not surprising!) are wrong labelled... Just look at the pronotum of some of them (some of the portentosa displays a oblongonata pronotum... I really don't like those critters to identify hissers, but in my view, it's a way to get quickly an opinion).

Even if Princisia is debated, no scientific publication have told it's an invalid genus... It should be kept until some serious publication change that. I think it's a bad idea right now to name them Gromphadorhina, you can't be 100% sure it's a valid name for them, we're just hobbyists, not entomologists, and it's even worth to name them Gromphadorhina grandidieri... Why grandidieri and not picea, or portentosa? If one day they are clearly proven to be Gromphadorhina, maybe they won't grandidieri... And maybe most of the species from this genus will useless names, because there are probably synonyms on the list... ;)

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I have one! Currently trying to breed them but damn are they taking forever to give birth! The male has numerous types of hisses very loud!

REALLY!?!?! Please keep us posted. I would LOVE to get a breeding group of these going. So cool. Is the white really white or is it more cream or tan? Is the black deep black or more brownish? It is hard to tell in this photo. A cream one with deep dark brown would not be as cool as true white and black and I have one of those.

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