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My Javanicas Colony


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I should have my javanicas in a day or so, and it's all your fault! :P

So do you already have yours javanicas ?

Pictures would be apreciated, I uploaded mine them to the site FlickR .

I hope we can echange info about breeding, I have them at 60% to 65% humidity.

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Sorry, just noticed the new post...wasn't trying to ignore you. I've had my E. javanica for about a week now, and I would very much like to exchange information. I put mine on coco fiber mixed with oak leaves and rotten wood. Temp in the room fluctuates from 70F-80F. I spray the enclosure heavily and then wait a few days for it to dry out. Fish flakes have been the staple diet as of late, but fruits and veggies are offered too. My pictures suck; you really don't want to see them. ;)

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