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Hi from West Virginia!!


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Hi there everyone! My name is Peri! I love my pet hissers, but I'm new to them. I only have three right now but I would love them to breed and make a colony. I found this forum and signed up because I would really enjoy meeting other roach enthusiasts. Anyone with pet Hisser hit me up I would love to chat about research, breeding, entomology, anything roach related. I would love any tips for keeping my hissers happy as well as any research that could be done with them. I don't know of anyone around where I live who likes roaches so I am so looking forward to this community. I got tons of pictures up on my website about my MHC www.facebook.com/HisserLove

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Thank you everyone. He is a handsome roach isn't he?! He's kind of self conscious because he broke his antennae a while back but I tell him he's good looking every chance I get.

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