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sand roaches in 29 palm?

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I am going camping in 29 palms California in a couple of weeks and was hoping to find some roaches. I am only ever able to find info on pest species when I search for native info. does anyone know much about the native sand roaches in southern California specifically if 29 palms is in there range and if they are active this time of year. any hunting tips would be greatly appreciated as well. thanks so much

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i think your talking about arenivaga. i have been searching for these here in AZ for a few years.

they inhabit sandy areas as well as rodent borrows. in loose sand they will leave serpentine "trails" from digging close to the surface. arenivaga use rodent burrows, they literally puke a couple of bladders out of their mouths and absorb moisture from the air they use the humidity from the rodents breath and will share a burrow. i believe they will also burrow under plants because the root ball will maintain a higher humidity. the males have wings and do fly, females do not, they are attracted to light and have been caught in light traps. i know peter of bugsincyberspace.com has caught a couple here in AZ. kyle has some from texas for sale on his site roachcrossing.com, look at his site if you don't know what they look like. the males and females look so different that they were once described as two different species.

good luck

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Never heard of the species your looking for, but am a great roach enthusiast of all kinds (pest and exotic). Good luck!!

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