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Dubia adults dying off


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My dubia adults are dying fast enough to worry me but slow enough that it's not a disease I think. I don't see any parasites, and I just cleaned the bin a few days ago. But it's mostly the females who are dying, I've had maybe 5 males out of 20 roaches die. I'm not sure if they've just gotten to the end of their days or what. They are dying about 2 or 3 every week now. I'm wondering if I have enough ventilation.

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When I was raising that species, I kept mine in a Sterlite box with a screened lid. This gave them much ventilation and they met their death by an opossum raiding their habitat and eating everything except the very few that escaped. You should at least try a screened lid to see if the dying off improves.

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Dubias are doing better with better ventilation now ^^ I have created a screened lid and they seem happier no deaths so far. Thank you so much for the info.

Glad to hear!! If you have any more problems, ask Kyle Zepher at roachcrossing.com. There is also a book written by a member of this site Orin.
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