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I can’t say I’m fond of introduction posts… they’re always awkward.

I have some roaches, other insects, and reptiles. I’ve lurked around the forum for a bit, more or less to determine the mood of the place. lol

I’ve intended to keep roaches for a while (pretty much after having bred crickets) and only recently got around to it, aside from keeping some Parcoblatta spp. off and on. I just have them and dubias, at the moment. The dubias will be feeders, eventually.

I’m an undergrad at a smaller regional university in Oklahoma and as such I’m kept fairly busy by the biology department… Some interesting info on that, this uni appears to have not reported collection data to anyone. This likely isn’t too uncommon with smaller schools, so distribution data may not be correct for some species. I recently realized that there are pseudomops collected from my county, which is well beyond their reported range in this state. It may be worth those who collect native roaches on here, and can positively ID them, to look into means of getting that collection data shared. Local uni's may not be the best routes, though, due to entomologists primarily knowing/careing about their own area of specialty.

If anyone has any questions on aquatic entomology/freshwater ecology, feel free to ask since that’s my area of study.

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Not really, other than various species are used by some people as physiology models. Since they get used for that, there should be notes on care and biology around somewhere.

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Decided to look for an introduction post from you since you mentioned work on mayflies in another thread. I collect quite a few semi-aquatic insects including caddisflies. Do you have any experience keying them out to family? I see quite a few species in my own backyard (usually at the UV lights I set up every night the temps are over 55 degrees or so).

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