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Yo, from S.L.O. !


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Hey fellow roach people. How's it going?

Been interested in roaches since before I was in kindergarten. Raised and bred some giant flying Hawaiian roaches around that time. I'll have to look up what species those were after I post this. Unless you guys know right off the bat.

Have kept a few species, mostly B. dubia. I think my favorite is P. nivea, even though I only ever raised one on accident, not knowing I had found a nymph until I suddenly had a green roach running all over my terrarium. Something abot them seems magical to me, so I'll probably have a big colony of them at some point in the near future. As well as who knows what else?lol

Right now my only insects are a colony of giant canyon isopods that I found here locally, and some super worms, and super beetles.lol

I'm excited to finally be a member of this forum. I hope to learn a lot, and look at cool pictures.

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The giant Hawaiian roaches were just American roaches. Made bigger in my mind by being a kid at the time They were turbo charged though. I've never seen an american roach fly that much back in the continental u.s. Must have been the weather. And yes, I know iso's aren't insects. It was a slip of the tongue, or something.lol

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