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Garden Clippings


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I wouldn't use leaves from the nightshade family. Consider this: Do these plants show much evidence of anything eating them? (aside from tomato horn worms, they're specialists)

If nothing snacks on these plants - why? The answer is they've not very edible, even toxic to some insects (and other animals). ;)

Likewise general lawn clippings may contain unwanted plants, so be cautious what you use.

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I have heard that most plants are toxic. That probably meant they have a toxin but maybe not very toxic to use or certain animals.

Yes, certainly. One should be mindful of what they're feeding their pets and amounts, though. A little of some plants may be ok, but munching on the same plant for a couple days or more might build up too much toxin in an insect's body.

I'm simply suggesting foregoing nightshades, here, because so little can (and does) eat them.

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Has anyone tried garden clippings like tomato leave or pepper leave etc.?

Yes please do be careful 'cause some plants have bug killers built in them like flowers. Chrisanthamums are one example.
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