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Wondering about pesticides on grocery veggies


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Ok for those who have dubia colonies, have you ever ran into pesticides on veggies and fruits from local chain grocery stores like Safeway, Albertsons, Top Foods and the likes? I ask this cause I've recently started a dubia colony to feed my bearded dragon and I've just been feeding the roaches organic stuff from the same natural store that I buy my bearded dragons veggies from. I've noticed though that at the chain grocery stores, stuff like lettuce, carrots, apples and oranges are a lot cheaper there than at the natural store but like I said, i'm kinda worried about any pesticides on the veggies or fruit wiping out my roach colony.

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Funny thing, marketing. People will pay almost double for a vegetable/fruit from the exact same supplier due to the perception that if it's from "X" store it's better. Look at your suppliers.

Also, organic does not mean that produce has not been treated to kill insects. There are many plant based pesticides and insecticidal soaps that organic farmers use. So unless you grow it yourself always assume it's been treated and wash thoroughly, peel, etc.

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