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Names you gave your pet cockroaches


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This is the place to share names you gave some of your pet cockroaches so others have ideas.

Hisser names

Tiger (tiger Hisser)

Curly (had a deformed antennae whole life)


Dubia names

Blaze (for blazing speed of males)

Psycho (a male that went after every cockroach for no reason and would try to fly and hit the cage wall a lot)

Craniifer (black wing) names



Fang (for pronum design)

Pumpkin (for pronum design)

Skull (for pronum design)

Craniifer (brown wing) names


Giganteus names

Angel (female, cause wings look so angelic)

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Strips, my tiger hisser

Pancake, my flat horn hisser

Kyle, my other flathorn hisser in respect to the person I got him from.

Big ben, my first roach ( no idea why I named him big Ben it just came to me)

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Well, I use to don't name my pets, but there is a roach I just give a name for fun...

I use to introduce him to my friends as "Grand Didier", wich means "Tall Didier" in english (Didier is a common first name here).

For sure, "Grand Didier" is the alpha male in my Gromphadorhina cf. grandidieri "black" colony...

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