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Frass fertilizer value

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No idea what as to what the values would be, but I add a bit to my house plants and throw the rest on the garden. I figure it can't hurt and I have to do something with it..

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I've read that dead insects and their poop are great for gardens for a bunch of weird reasons. I must say, my garden is getting better every year. There are a lot of reasons for that though, sense I've been learning so much about growing things. I did try putting a thin layer of frass straight onto the soil a couple years ago and it molded. Now I throw everything in the compost pile first. Dead roaches, poop, old egg crates, and nasty old water crystals all go in the pile to decompose before going to the garden. Same deal with my superworms/mealworms and their leftover poop and tato skins. The worm leftovers seem to take a bit longer to break down. Especially if its not mixed in the pile well, and especially the superworms who dont break down the bran as much as mealworms. Last summer I was even making my mealworms recycle the old superworm bedding before putting it in the pile. Superworms will eat each other before reeating their poop. Mealworms will eat it over and over again until it turns to dust.

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