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Dubia: veggies vs roach chow and die offs

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So I have 296 Adult (yes I counted them) and about 1000 nymph Dubias. I noticed for the past 4 months I've had them both adults and nymphs eat only veggies. I put the roach chow (blended dog food, oats, rabbit food) in a pile in the corner of the tote next, to that is the veggies then, comes water gels.

When I put a hand full of veggies in at night it's gone but, the roach chow isn't touched. I thought they needed the protein to survive. Maybe, they need less of it to fill up. I think I will limit them to 3 times a week for veggies. To see if they eat more chow.

Has anybody else noticed this?

Also, In the past 4 months I've had 60 adult females and 44 adult males die. Is this normal? Maybe, because they aren't eating the roach chow? It could also be because they died of old age. I purchased them from a guy locally. I should mention the adults are in a separate bin then the nymphs. I use a heating pad which gets 95°on the bottom and an ambient temperature of 75-80°. The Humidity is 55°

Any thought or ideas would be appreciated.

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most of my roaches, dubia, orange head, lobsters, fusca..... all prefer fruit/vegies to the roach chow and water gel. i feed fruit veg. on the weekend and roach chow and crystals thru the week... not sure on the die offs i would guess older roaches. I have noticed that my nymphs develop faster if i leave them in with the colony and pull what i need to feed out monthly.

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Meow Mix (original), Aqueon cichlid pellets, and fish flakes on top (beta or goldfish). I usually don't give them a lot of the cichlid pellets because they are more expensive than the other two foods. I have tried giving them roach chow before, but they didn't touch it.

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