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rhino not eating

Tongue Flicker

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My rhino beetle that i thought female actually turned out to be male. He doesn't eat any fruit or vegetables i offer him anymore. I even offered freshly cut down coconut wood, coconut meat and coconut oil which they normally enjoy ravaging here.

My current temp indoor temp is 84F degrees and outdoors it's like 89F+ with humidity levels is around 80% and it is very windy (not drafty). Your typical Tropical Asian environment.

Anything else i can offer it? Mushrooms? Dog food? Fresh compost matter?

Thanks in advance

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Did he used to eat? How many days since emergence?

Yup he used to eat dead/dried leaves as well as select fruit tree leaves then starting March, he just stopped. Summer season started here already. Could that be a fasting factor?

He was already an adult when my friend gave it to me.

try banana ;)

Tried it. Ignored and untouched. The banana attracted fruit flies already lol

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