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Keeping them cool..

Tongue Flicker

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So yesterday was the official start of summer here and the temps were up by 96.8F (36C) yesterday and today with humidity levels hitting 90+%

Do you guys have any tips to keep my roaches as well as other bugs cool? I don't have an airconditioning unit right now, any alternatives?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Is there a cool space you can put them in? In my old house there was a crawl space (under the house) that was 10 degrees cooler. Maybe a basement that is cooler? A CAVE!?!? :) You got a cave you can put them in??!?!?! :)

Sorry. That's all I got... :)

Haha! Nada.. the coolest place in my house would be outside already since the constant breeze is cool. Even under the sink is already spewing off a warm stuffy feeling :D

May need to relocate somewhere cool then :D

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