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phorid flies anyone got a way to get rid of them


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i keep my bins clean but these dam things keep coming back when i think ive got them beat , i wont see any for awhile then there they are again ive tried fly tape but it doesnt catch enough what i usually do is take the bins outside most fly away then i clean my bins they seem to love the dubias but if a hissing roach dies they swarm to the dead like ants to a picnic. i was going to try some clean up crews but dont know how effective they are and is it just something else that might get out of the bin. i thought i had them done this winter but i see they are back today when i cleaned and i really dont want the wife upset shes been really good just putting up with roaches so if anyone has any suggestions please im all ears.

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The problem with dermestid beetles as a cleanup crew is that the phorid flies will almost always arrive and infest a carcass long before the beetles can dominate. Keeping bins dry should help (but may not eliminate the problem...I regularly see a couple phorids in my dermestid colony, which I keep bone dry), and removing any visible roach carcassess and wet foods should drastically reduce their numbers. Making a trap out of an old soda bottle, like what people do for fruit flies, could work well also. Just use something meaty or dog/cat food instead of cider vinegar.

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