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3 Owls & A Sad Goodbye

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Sorry for being inactive. Been busy lately, preparing for my out of town work in June. I needed to sell a lot of my pets in the process. Will get them all back once i return.

Before selling magpie's other siblings off, i needed to take some vital measurements and physical check-up first just for the record :D

Here's magpie's younger siblings; Robin, Jay & Cardinal (cardy's shy :P)


Roughly 6 inches high from talons to ear tufts :D


My new temporary personal fave, Cardy (short for cardinal)


An eye for an eye


Guess who's lunch for today?! (and yes, this is payback for the chick lol)

I'll be skipping the gory part since i still love snakes! :P


Bye cute little owls! I'll see your new replacements by September :(

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